Marvel Monday: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Hello fellow Marvel fans! I can’t believe this is the last week of March. Only a few more weeks until Endgame! Here’s hoping the tickets go on sale soon!

The Marvel movie countdown to The Avengers: Endgame continues in chronological order this week with Spider-Man: Homecoming.
Here are a few funnies for your Marvel Monday.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Marvel Monday: Black Panther

Who saw Captain Marvel in the theaters this weekend? I saw it on Thursday and there was so much Marvel and 90’s goodness to take in, I saw it again on Friday. So much I loved about it, so many great scenes, plus anything with Agent Coulson is a must see in my book. Cannot wait to see Carol kicking butt in Avengers: Endgame! Is it April, yet?

I <3 Coulson

Also, I know I missed Marvel Monday last week which means I missed counting down Captain America: Civil War so I’ll be posting that later this week, too.

But for now, to keep on schedule, the Marvel movie countdown to The Avengers: Endgame continues in chronological order this week with Black Panther.
Here are a few funnies for your Marvel Monday.

February check in

2019 started so well and I made good progress in January. Then February hit, and I developed a massive case of the fuck-its. I don’t know if it was all the rainy days, which always make me want to hunker down and hibernate with tea and books, or what, but my motivation was nearly non-existent this past month. I made poor food choices and chose sleep over working out, more often than not, and because of that I gained the four pounds I lost in January. While I also gained more muscle, and my endurance is a little better, I didn’t lose any inches anywhere and I’m back where I started in the beginning of the year.

March hasn’t exactly started with a bang, but I love a new beginning and fresh start, so this month I’m trying to push myself more. I got 11 miles in the first weekend which kicked my ass, but I got them done. And I’ve been adding the letter workouts, that I meant to do in February, to my workouts this month, and I’m already feeling them. Motivation or not, it all comes down to that Nike slogan: Just do it. I’m not going to feel motivated. Do it anyway. I’m going to be tired and sore. Do it anyway. The only workout I’ve ever regretted was the one I didn’t do. So that’s my plan this month: Just do it.

My challenge for the month is Darebee’s Iron Glutes and my program is Combat HIIT.

I’m also aiming to do more letter/alphabet workouts like following below as there’s always burpees involved and they always kick my ass for the better.

I’m also in the long run portion of my ramp up half marathon training plan for the year so I’ll be hitting 12.5 and 14 miles in the coming weeks which, combined with more workouts, will get me ready for my second half marathon training plan focusing on speed work.

So that’s me for February and the start of March. What do you do when you get a case of the fuck-its? How do you break the inertia when you’re stuck in a funk? I’m always on the look out for new motivation.