Minnie’s Valentine’s Day Surprise Scavenger Hunt at Disneyland

This morning my mom and I got to experience Minnie’s Valentine’s Day Surprise Scavenger Hunt at Disneyland and the kick off of Valentine’s Month at Disneyland Resort and we had so much fun! My mom and I love doing the egg hunt at the parks during Easter time, so when we found out a new hunt was coming to the parks, we were sold!

From the Disneyland website:
“Throughout Valentine’s month, test your investigative skills as you search for the secret valentines Minnie has hidden for Mickey and friends all around Disneyland Park. Simply purchase a commemorative game board and stickers for $6.99 plus tax at select merchandise locations, find the secret valentines and redeem your completed game board at Disney Showcase for a special surprise (while supplies last)—January 22 through February 18, 2019.”

Participating Locations


Much like the Disney egg hunts, you can purchase the game board and redeem it for a prize without having to complete the board first. I picked up two game boards at Disneyana and then headed to the Disney Showcase to redeem them and pick up our surprise before the hunt.

Game board and stickers
A full look at the game board and clues
Game board stickers.

It turns out there were two different surprises we could redeem the game boards for so we were able to get both. The surprises were boxes of Valentines with each box containing different characters. They had the Valentines on display at the redemption location so you could see them before choosing your pack.

Redemption location and a look at the surprises for redeeming our game boards.
Valentines pack 1

Valentines pack 2
Both packs of Valentines
Back of the packs

Once our game boards were stamped and our Valentines received we were ready to hunt! Just like the egg hunt, Valentines were hidden around the park, but unlike the egg hunt map, the game board has valentines giving clues as to the location of each one. I also noticed each of the stickers had a letter on it which, when the game board was completed, spelled out words.

Since we weren’t sure just what the Valentines looked like it took a bit to find one, but once we knew what to look for it was easier (but not necessarily easy) to sport the rest. Here’s the first Valentine we spotted:

Found our first Valentine of the hunt!

One of the many reasons I love doing the hunts is all the little details I get to see at the parks while searching for eggs, or, in this case, Valentines, and Minnie’s Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt gave us plenty of views of fun spots. Found in shop windows, on top of rides, on decorations, and various other places some were so well hidden we had to come at it at just the right angle to even find it! There’s 12 Valentines to find in total, and it took us maybe 2 hours to find them all, mostly because a few were particularly tricky (I’m looking at you Frontierland and Tomorrowland.)

My mom and I both lamented that this only takes place at Disneyland, and not in Disney’s California Adventure and Downtown Disney, too, as we had so much fun hunting for them, we wanted to continue hunting for more. The surprise was fun, though I think I’m partial to the egg hunt eggs, but everything was really well done, and I hope we get more scavenger hunts in the future. Maybe one for Halloween Time?

This event is only for a limited time, so if you get a chance to experience it, I highly recommend it!


Don’t scroll any further!
Below is the completed map as well as locations and views of the Valentines. Turn back now if you want them to remain a mystery!

…Still here?

Okay, you’ve been warned

I love the statues in New Orleans Square so this was a favorite location of mine to find a Valentine.
I think this was my favorite location for a Valentine
This was a hard one to find, and I forgot to take a photo of the other side which had Stitch on it. The cast members underneath it didn’t even know it was there!

This was the trickiest for us to find.

Completed game board. I put my stickers next to their corresponding Valentine since I wanted to be able to see the clue as well.
The stickers, when placed in the right location, spell out “Love The Magic”